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Cat Window Hammock

Cat Window Hammock

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Let your fussy feline watch the world go by with our window mountable cat bed, purrfect for those lazy days.

Natural, breathable fabrics for pure comfort: Our cat beds are made from 100% breathable cotton, which regulates your cat's core body temperature and keeps them cool in the sun. It is also 100% machine washable to stop odours and keep away bacteria.

Size Information:
Length 55CM, width 35CM, thickness 2.5CM, rope length 56CM

How to use

1 - Assemble the frame as shown

2 - Attach the cables to the frame

3 - Install the soft fabric cover, ensuring to thread the cables through the holes.

5 - Pull the cables and attach the industrial strength suction cups

6 - Install the hammock on the window or a smooth surface by slightly wetting the suction cups and pressing firmly

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The Perfect Sunbed

Give your furbaby their own space. Cats love to be up high and be able to see everything around them. The window-mounted cat hammock gives your cat their own place to relax and feel secure with 360° views.

Plus it's the perfect sunbathing spot.

Built for the solid furbies

Our cat hammock is made for those social furbabies, and those who like a good meal.

With 15kg capacity, a solid frame and industrial strength suction cups, this hammock is more than safe and stable... Even for the cuddlers who always need a sleeping buddy.

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