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Convertible Pet Car Seat and Bag

Convertible Pet Car Seat and Bag

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THE PETABOX Convertible Pet Car Seat is perfect for the car, for a walk or even for a picnic. They'll never want to leave! And you protect your car!

The Perfect Travel Buddy For Your Travel Buddy: We love travelling with our pets, but it can be a bit hectic. They move everywhere, and touch everything in the car.

Our convertible car seat and bag gives you the control back!

Before leaving the house simply pack your pupper in the bag, attach them using the security strap, walk to the car, pose the bag on the seat, install using the clips and let your dog relax for the ride.

Safety First:  Your pupper's safety is top priority, so THE PETABOX™ convertible car seat makes sure they're kept secure for the whole trip. With the security leash and seatbelt straps, the seat won't move and neither will your dog

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3 in 1 Car seat cover

Quality Guaranteed - We have made sure to ensure the best trip for you and your pupper!
The seat is made from a 900D oxford nylon fabric outer lining.

On the inside is an added waterproof inner for any accidents. It’s extremely easy to clean.

The interior is plush and soft for a comfy ride. The bottom is even non-slip.

Safety Mode

Pet safety is essential in the car. But animals move around. To combat this, simply leave the seat in "Bag mode".

This will not only create a barrier to stay in, but they’ll be calm, secure and very comfortable!

The Perfect Dog Carrier

Like we said, THE PETABOX Car Seat is more than just a seat.

It's perfect for walks and the park. Simply use the belt straps as bag straps when walking. Your dog will still have their coccoon to relax when moving.

Dog Blanket

You can even use our car seat as a pet blanket for outdoors fun! Just open it up when you put it on the ground and you will have a great spot for your pupper to relax! 

Must Have Features

Pet security strap attaches to your pet's collar to keep them in place on the cushion.

Seatbelt buckles to securely attach the car seat to the front or back seat to avoid any unwanted movement inside the car. Can also convert to shoulder straps when using as a bag.

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