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Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

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Keep your pupper's paws sparkling on the go with THE PETABOX™ Portable Paw Cleaner. 

Keep the Outdoors Outside: We love going on adventures, but the clean up takes away the fun. Our portable paw cleaner makes dirty paws (and dirty houses) one less worry.

Simply add a bit of warm water to the cup, dip their paw inside, scrub using the inside bristles with an up, down, side to side motion, rinse and repeat! Easy.

The only hard part is choosing your colour!

How to use ?

1) Add warm water to the top row of bristles.

2) Insert a dirty paw, gently moving it in and out of the plunger in a rubbing motion while the bristles wash away the dirt.

3) Take the newly clean paw out and use a towel to dry.

4) Get them inside before they get dirty again!

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Soft Bristles

Our soft bristles are gentle on your pet's paws, while still effectively removing dirt and mud. The unique design of our brush allows for easy cleaning.

Safe to use in different sizes

Our paw cleaner is made of silicone and is gentle on paws and skin. It comes in three different sizes, whilst the bristles are flexible and won't risk any damage to sensitive skin.

Always make sure to use dog-safe soaps if using cleaning products.

Convenient handle and opening

The handle is lightweight and easy to hold, while the wide no-spill opening assists fast and effective cleaning.

You'll love how easy it is!

Perfect Bath Time Buddy

The paw plunger is the perfect bath accessory for your pet. Simply fill with water and plunge into the tub! Clean and healthy paws in seconds

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