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Dog Friendly Soccer Ball

Dog Friendly Soccer Ball

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Soccer, like you've never seen it before. THE PETABOX Dog Soccer Ball finally lets your dog follow his sporting dreams.

A Soccer Ball, But Different: We all know dogs love to play soccer, but struggle when it comes to using their best tool - their mouth! So, we've taken a soccer ball and made it pet-friendly!  Our ball is a great interactive dog toy to train your dogs. The perfect ball to kick, bite, bounce, play and play tug of war with your playful pupper. 

We've Thought of Other Stuff too!

-> Optional ball pump with needle to make sure your ball is always pumped up! There's nothing worse than a new ball and you can't play straight away!

-> Paws galore! Why not make your dog's ball his own. Easily recognisable paws have been added all over the ball so your good dog knows exactly which one is theirs!

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Perfect for Dogs

With its bitable green nylon tabs and longer black tab for wrestle time, The Petabox soccer ball is made for dogs. Plus the tabs will make it bounce everywhere! There's even a longer strap so you can play tug of war together! The perfect way to create a bond with your pupper.

High Quality Materials

The Petabox Soccer Ball is made using pet-friendly premium PU material. This means natural, non-toxic rubber that can resist the roughest of jaws. It’s perfect to kick and bounce, but with a softer lining to make it easy on canine teeth and jaws. It is highly durable, easy to clean and will withstand everything your rambuncious pupper can throw at it. They’ll love it!

Stimulate the Senses

The Petabox soccer ball is the perfect way to wake your dog's natural chasing and retrieving instincts. Encouraging and active lifestyle. It will help with strong bones and muscles. It's the perfect vitality tool for your pet!

Must Have Features

Customer Reviews

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M... H...

Very good quality ! As pic !

C... B...

Super service and excellent communication and responsiveness of the seller, I will recommend

M... C...

The dog is delighted.

M... K...

The balloon is delivered deflate so provide a pump. The material of the balloon in solid air to see in time. My dogs quickly adopted it I recommend.

D... C...

Oreo love playing with. Good solid balloon