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Interactive Pet Feeding Ball

Interactive Pet Feeding Ball

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The Petabox's Interactive Feeding Ball is perfect way to increase your canine and feline's problem solving abilities and bring fun back to feeding!

Why a feeding ball? Animals need variety and stimulation for mental and physical health. The feeding ball allows animals to slow down at feeding time, whilst using a combination of senses to get their reward.

The best thing - it stops boredom and the destructive behaviour that comes with it. Saving your shoes, socks and furniture!

Different Levels of Difficulty: The Petabox Interactive Feeding Ball is another step up from feeding mats, and adds a new level of difficulty for pets.

They will love the challenge of using their nose and ears. You can start easy on the outside and get harder as your fuzzy detective gets better!

Material and Care Tips

Polar Fleece Carpet Cloth

Environmentally friendly. Safe for sensitive skin

Easy to clean and supports machine washing*

*Ensure to wash at least once a week for your canine's health*

Pet Care Tips

● Wash at least once a week to avoid bacteria

● This feeding ball is designed for puppies and dogs of all sizes.

● Always supervise your pet while using the ball in case they rip and eat the cloth when food runs out.

● Keep the Feeding Ball out of sight when not in use to separate play time from feeding time

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Strengthen The Senses

Sniffing is a good mental and physical exercise for pets. It is very calming for dogs.

With the treat ball, using these senses will improve their concentration and problem-solving skills.

Plus it's a great boredom buster and will reduce destructive behaviours.

Surprises Galore!

Start with treats on the outside of the folds where they can be seen and found easily. Then hide them further inside as they start to understand the challenge. A great way to reward effort and smarts!


Obviously we love our environment. So our Interactive Feeding ball is made from high quality carpet cloth and food-safe materials. It is also machine washable and will last for a long time as your pet's feeding tool.

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