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Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board

Magic Organ Cat Scratching Board

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Need to change it up? The Original Cat Scratch Board and Toy uses an innovative design to create hours of fun and even comfort that your cat will go crazy for!

Why A Cat Needs A Scratching Board: Just like anyone, cats can get bored when left alone. They need stimulus an excitement. Otherwise they will try and find it themselves, which often leads to ruined furniture, carpet and the possibility of injury sharpening their own nails.

Our Original Organ Cat Scratching Board provides new ways for your cat to hone their playing skills, whilst also being able scratch and claw to promote healthy muscles, nail growth and relieve stress around the home. Imagine all those things in one toy!

How to use

1- Put the ball inside the organ

2- Take each magnetic end as shown

3- Connect the ends together

4- Rotate the organ to open

5- Find the ball on the inside

6- Let your cat play and enjoy!

What's inside

- 1 Organ Scratching Board

- 1 Ball

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High Quality Material

Uniquely designed for endless interaction

What makes the Original Organ Cat Scratcher so original? It's unique flexible design which is perfect for all ages, shapes and play types! This design can turn inside out and will keep your feline felon guessing for hours. It doubles as a toy, scratch board and even so there is no need to worry about its durability. Your cat will be excited to play!

Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

The Original Organ Cat Scratch Board is made of high-quality corrugated paper and cornstarch glue which is free from harmful products. Meaning safe play! The thickened mesh honeycomb design is strong and durable, safe for claws.

Plus it's even an amazing bed!

Something Different

This design allows for new and different movements and sensations that will be irresistable to your cat. As an added bonus, it is even 50% more durable than regular scratching boards!

We love it! And your cat will be happier and healther with it!

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