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Waste Bags

Waste Bags

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The waste bags provide a biodegradable solution to picking up after your dog. Paired with our Portable Pooper Scooper, these bags are designed to perfectly fit the pooper scooper, whilst the rolls also fit perfectly into the roll dispenser.
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How to use

  1. To maximise space, pull open the silicone compartment.

  2. Pull a biodegradable bag from the dispenser on the back.

  3. Unfold and attach the bag to the pooper scooper, anchoring the bag with the attachment on the handle.

  4. Pick up any waste cleanly and efficiently from the ground using the mouth of your pooper scooper.

What's inside

1 Pack = 6 Rolls

1 Roll = 15 Bags

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    Dog poop, if left, can take up to 12 months to break down. In urban areas, this can have more serious consequences. When rainwater washes over poo that hasn't been recovered, it flows into drainage and can have a snowball effect on our ecosystem, making its way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. Studies have shown that a moderate estimate of 30% of bacteria found in watersheds comes from pet waste. As pet owners and adventure lovers it is our responsibility to pick up after our furry besties. Otherwise we could end up in the... You know what we mean.


    Our dogs are curious and will often lick, sniff and touch almost everything. Other dog’s poo seems to be a common theme, but it can also be dangerous for all of us. Dog poo can develop a number of bacteria which can be transmitted to dogs and humans alike. Some diseases include: Salmonella; E. coli; Coronavirus; Giardiasis; Parovirus ... Also worms like ringworm and tapeworm. If pet waste is forgotten or picked up incorrectly, parasites can penetrate into the soil and stay for years. This leaves us and our communities vulnerable. Luckily picking up after your dog is the easy solution.


    As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to pick up after your furry companion. Not only because it’s the law, but because it is common courtesy. Just like flushing the toilet for the next user. When poop is left on someone’s lawn, on the footpath or in parks, it stinks. It also creates a mess and potential health hazard. Cleaning up your pet’s mess using biodegradable bags like our pooper scooper bag rolls means a clean community and a clean conscience.

    Win Win!

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