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Double Layered Litter Mat

Double Layered Litter Mat

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Keep your house and your cat's paws free from litter and free from mess with The Petabox kitty litter cleaning mat!

When your cat uses the litter box, it attaches to their fur and paws. All that dirt and mess goes everywhere in the house! But not anymore. The kitty litter cleaning pad works as a shield for your house. Designed as a door mat for the litter box, it absorbs, catches and cleans everything that your cat touches when doing its business. 

Double Layered Honeycomb Design, For a Happy Healthy Home : Our cat litter cleaning pad makes life easy for any cat-parent. With a layered catching system made from eco-friendly products, it stops dusts and liquids leaving the litter box. Your home will be clean and healthy

This stylishly designed elegant mat will make your house healthy and clean your pet. Keep the litter out of the house once and for all!

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Litter Catcher

Anti-slip, wear-resistant material, to do the job for a long time: Made from an anti-slip, high performance EVA material, the first layer of our cat litter cleaner pad will catch all the dirt from your cat as it leaves the litter box.

It is easy to clean, and can even be machine washed!

Waterproof catcher

The second layer of The Petabox Cat Litter Mat is a fully waterproof catcher, which catches and holds all litter, and dirt. Never worry about leaks or odors!

The perfect way to avoid mess!

Re-Use and Recycle

Our litter mat is designed with openings to easily pour cat litter back into the box.

It's easy to use and the perfect way to keep a happy, healthy and eco-responsible home! You'll love how it works for you!

Customer Reviews

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D... S...

It's a little small but the material is very good. It arrived very fast

L... K...

Excellent mat, very much helped, the only drawback is that large sand does not wake up, but gets stuck in the cells.

R... B...

A good mat, practical, would be great if there was more

H... F...

Fast delivery, arrived on time. A bit smaller than expected but that‘s probably my fault for not checking the size. Does its job and I’m happy with it

T... Z...

Very happy! Sawdust from tray all the mat, and not on the floor. Thanks for the fast delivery