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Yo-Yo Dog Ball

Yo-Yo Dog Ball

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Keep your furry bestie entertained with THE PETABOX™ Yo-yo Dog Ball interactive pet toy, perfect for inside and outside play.

Controlled Chaos - With a built-in yo-yo function, this ball lets you add a new dimension to your canine fun time.

Use the rebound function to wake up your dog's competitive side as they try to catch the ball from all angles.

Great for relieving anxiety and promoting positive interactions.

A Teether's Delight - Our ball is made with a strong chewable exterior made for the most destructive of dogs! A great way to occupy their minds and strengthen jaw muscles and teeth.

This will even help keep them away from the slippers, furniture and destruction.

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Retractable drawstring

The hand throwing ball has a built-in retractable drawstring, like a yoyo. Throw it as hard or soft as you like and it can always come back to you.

This is the perfect way to connect with your pupper.

A Teether's Delight

THE PETABOXâ„¢ Yo-yo ball can be used easily as a chew toy. The ball is designed with a textured resistant rubber exterior, perfect for chewing.

They'll love the feeling and it will clean their teeth at the same time.

You can even apply pet-specific toothpaste to act as a toothbrush!

Have fun everywhere

Inside or outside... It doesn't matter!

This ball is perfect for interactive play inside and outside. 

With the finger loop on, you keep control of the ball.

Take off the loop and you can throw as far as your heart's content!

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